In accordance with ODJFS rule 5101:2-9-38 New Beginnings Residential Treatment Center has implemented the Community Engagement Policy.

New Beginnings will have protocols for the community to communicate concerns or other pertinent information directly to the agency.

New Beginnings mission “Empowering children and families to make healthy changes” reaches far into our community.  All community members are encouraged to contact us with any questions or concerns they may have about New Beginnings. We will respond immediately.

Phone: 330-744-9020.

Thank you for your interest in New Beginnings.

Community Engagement

5101:2-9-38    Community Engagement Plan for New Beginnings Residential Treatment Center

(A)      A residential facility certified on or after the effective date of this rule shall have a written community engagement plan which shall include:

  • Protocols for the community in which a residential facility is located to communicate concerns or other pertinent information directly to the facility which shall include at a minimum:
    • A contact number for the facility.  New Beginnings Residential Treatment Center’s contact number is (330) 744-9020 is the number to call to communicate concerns.
    • There is no agency email address.
  • The agency shall provide all applicable information listed in paragraph (A)(1) of this rule following:
  • Upon request to an individual
  • If the facility has a website, the information shall be made available on the site. The web address is  The Community Engagement Plan is found at
  • Protocols for the agency in responding to such a communication which shall include a time frame for responding to a community request.  Emergencies will be responded to within 30 minutes. Most non-emergency responses will be addressed within 3 days.